Eco – Friendly Design and Construction

Eco – Friendly Design and Construction

  • Providing inputs eco-friendly construction practices in line with the green building guidelines
  • Preparation and monitoring of environmental management plans for the construction work

Environmentally sustainable design and construction involves buildings being designed and built with sustainable materials appropriate to the location, and the finished buildings being efficient to run and pleasant to occupy. It also extends to Whole of Life considerations: ensuring that the environmental impact of the building in the longer term is considered from the design stage, including maintenance, energy efficiency, durability, resource use, waste management and building seting.

Successful environmentally sustainable design and construction involves close cooperation between the client, designers, consultants and contractor at all stages of the project. Site teams in particular need to continually challenge themselves to both use resources in the most sustainable way possible and to protect the adjacent environment as they build, including controlling the impact of building works on sensitive live environments.

We are proud of our contribution to environmentally sustainable “green” buildings in the sensitive eco zones.

We are fully engaged in providing environmental management plans & sustainable thinking through design and construction, and work in close collaboration with government, institutions and private organizations providing eco-friendly construction practices.


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