Joint Ventures & Partnership Opportunities

Joint Ventures & Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Building with National and International Cooperation in Environmental friendly investment

Supply well trust Business partnership in the field of environmental conservation and management.

  • Coordinate the environmental friendly investment.
  • Facilitate the popularization of nature based and eco-tourism.
  • Provide necessary labour requirement for national and international agencies.

Green Planet Eco Consultancy is eager to build potential strategic joint ventures in the environment conservation & management sectors. We are willing to partner with financial investors who are motivated to participate in the numerous areas related to environment.

GPEC has consistently produced maximum value from its varied investments in large part because of the founders’ nuanced understanding of the industry.

GEPC is set apart by the personalized attention every aspect of the business/project development and the close management of each and every business/project. The depth and precision of the due diligence analysis, performed, exclusively in house, on each potential business is unparalleled.

By joining with GPEC, prospective partners are able to capitalize on the security offered by the industry knowledge, an extensive network of professional contacts and experience GPEC has cultivated over the years.

We look for individuals and/or groups who share our vision & commitment to environment conservation and sustainable development and those who desire to participate in the expansion of green business model. We also proactively seek out individuals and/or groups involved in developing new projects where we feel GEPC can add value to the venture.

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