Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

  • Provide complete solution regarding Waste Water treatment facilities (design, construction, commissioning and maintains)
  • Planning and implementation of solid waste water management systems.

Solid waste is a major issue, especially in the urbanized areas, due to the large quantities produced, environmental constraints, and public health concerns, diverse natures of wastes, public pressure and landfill shortages.

GPEC provides feasible solid waste management solutions that maintain environmental protection and compliance within government regulations. Our team has proven track record in undertaking comprehensive, long-term waste management projects for all levels of government, institutions and private organizations.

Our solid waste management solutions typically includes: detailed analyses of waste generation and waste composition from the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors; development of waste diversion strategies; evaluation of existing waste programs; and an assessment of existing waste management infrastructure.

With experience in virtually every aspect of solid waste management, GPEC is specialized in providing feasibility, design, system planning and management services backed by a strong foundation of operational expertise and knowledge.


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